Love Energy Aroma Mist - Eucalyptus + Palmarosa

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Natural aroma mists can be used as a body spray, room & linen spray, or for yoga & meditation. Created with essential oils that energetically connect with each one of your chakras. Natural and non-toxic.

Love Energy represents feelings of love, loving yourself as well as loving others. Aromatherapy helps you to connect with this chakra. Eucalyptus assists with the respiratory systems in the heart chakra region whenever shortness of breath or tightness occurs. Palmarosa helps open the heart and connect with mother earth energy providing us with security and unconditional love. Helps release emotions of shut down and resentment from keeping our heart closed. Lemon helps to open one’s heart center to love! Lemon oil is extremely cleansing and purifying to one’s mind, body, and spirit!

To maintain the integrity of the essential oils and the earth, the aroma mists come in a reusable 2oz or 4oz glass bottle.

SMC Holistics proprietary blend of pure therapeutic essential oils

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