Happy Radiance 02. Aroma Mist - Citrus Burst

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Natural aroma mists can be used as a body spray, room & linen spray, or for yoga & meditation. Created with essential oils that energetically connect with each one of your chakras. Natural and non-toxic.

Happy Radiance represents your Sacral Chakra which is connected to your creativity & sexual energies. Citrus oils elevate your mood, help disperse negative energy and act as mild aphrodisiacs. This chakra is connected to your ability to nurture & give birth to the seed of life. It is known as the relationship chakra because it represents your ability to relate to other people and your creative flow of life to guide & shape continual change in your life. Sweet Orange has mild aphrodisiac properties: regular use is said to help with erectile problems, loss of sexual interest and decreased libido. Patchouli is also an excellent aphrodisiac, which can assist with impotence and lack of sexual drive. Disperses negative energies.

To maintain the integrity of the essential oils and the earth, the aroma mists come in a reusable 2oz or 4oz glass bottle.

SMC Holistics proprietary blend of pure therapeutic essential oils

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