Eucalyptus. Pure Essential Oil

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Botanical Name - Eucalyptus Globulus 

Note and Strength - A Top Note with a strong scent. Has a herbaceous scent with a woody undertone.

Process Method - Steam Distilled Leaves and wood

Origin: China

15 ml Glass Bottle 

What Are Essential Oils:

Pure therapeutic essential oils are derived through steam distillation of plants, trees and flowers, or through cold pressed citrus fruit. They have a powerful aromatherapy and healing effect on the body. Essential oils and fragrance oils (perfumes) are not the same thing; rather, fragrance oils are man made in a lab.

Fragrances oils are made with an unlimited amount of different carcinogenic chemicals in order to imitate specific scents such as vanilla, cherry, or coconut. Since essential oils are natural and plant derived, when you inhale the molecules of the essential oil, the molecules travel through the olfactory receptors to the limbic system.

The limbic system is responsible for controlling your emotions, stress & anxiety as well as memory & learning.  Essential oils play an important role in helping people heal and cope in different aspects of their lives! Not only do the inhalation of essential oils have an effect on emotions and mood, but each oil also has healing and soothing benefits for the skin when applied topically.

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