Herbal Hair Serum & Shampoo

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Handcrafted in BC | 100% Natural | Plant Based | Vegan 

Your hair will be left soft and moisturized without feeling greasy with this herbal infused  hair serum. Extracts of horsetail, nettle, rosemary and marshmallow root strengthen and nourish your hair follicles and scalp, while protecting your tender hair shaft from environmental or chemical damage. Combining this with the use of our shampoo bar will be all your hair needs to shout about a life that is naturally, wonderful!

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Always start off with a small amount, this is a concentrated serum! 

Instructions: Apply 1-5 pumps to the palm of your hand and gently apply to wet or dry hair. 

Everyday use: If you are using it all over, I find that gently finger combing it through your hair is the best way to evenly distribute it throughout.

Overnight hair mask: Apply as many pumps as you need to fully cover your hair with the serum. It doesn't need to be soaked just evenly coated. Use a comb or brush to help distripute evenly throughout your hair. Leave on over night and wash your hair as normal the following day. 

Hair mask in a rush: Apply hair mask as stated above for overnight, but instead of overnight leave on for a minimum of 1 hour before washing your hair. 

If you are just applying it to the ends of your hair, apply a pump or two into the palm of your hand and gently rub the ends of your hair between the palms of your hands.

2 fl. oz Re-usable glass bottle 

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