Shave Soap & Brush Collection

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Shave Soap Bar & Brush | Natural | Handcrafted on the West Coast of B.C.

Shave Soap Bars are natural, long lasting and have been around since the 1800's. Not only is it healthier for your skin, but it's also healthier for the environment than aerosol foams. They are a hard bar soap that is lathered up using a shaving brush. This lather protects your face while shaving and acts as a lubricant for your blade. This lather create a superior shave by removing some of the oils from the hair prior to shaving. When the facial hair is free of these oils, it allows the water to be in direct contact with your whiskers which creates an overall closer shave. In addition, the naturally high content of glycerin in the lather locks in moisture and is deeply hydrating for your skin! 

Although aerosol foams and gels have the convenience of being ready to go, they are made up of many harmful ingredients that can also be very drying and damaging  to your tender facial skin.

How To Use A Shave Bar:

Start by softening the bristles on the shave brush by putting them in hot water for a few minutes. While your waiting, you can also put a few drops of warm water on top of the soap bar to soften it up a bit (optional). When ready, flick off the excess water and with a gentle pressure swirl the brush on the shave soap. After about 5-10 seconds you should have a good lather happening. The longer you swirl it on your shave bar the richer the lather will be. Apply the lather to your face using a back and forth motion. Reap the benefits and shave as usual! 

How To Care For Your Shave Set:

Shave Soap: Leaving the lidr shave soap leave the lid off until it has fully air dried. If the shave soap sits in moisture it will become mushy and won't last you as long.

Shave Brush:Rinse shave brush with warm warm water and let dry.