Palo Santo Wood (1 piece)

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Palo Santo Wood | Cleansing Holy Wood | Smudging Wood | Sustainable and Ethically Gathered  

Palo Santo Wood also known as "Holy Wood" and is known for its cleansing properties much like sage. Sustainably resourced from trees grown in Peru. It is used as a cleansing smudging incense to release and rid of negative energies. 

How To Use Palo Santo: 

Once you have chosen your Palo Santo smudging wood, hold one end of it over a flame. Hold it there long enough to get a good flame going, so that when you blow it out you will have enough cleansing smoke. If the smoke shrinks quickly blow on it a bit to increase the smoke once again. Use the smoke to cleanse yourself and your space by either using your hand to waft it towards you and around you; or by slowly waving the burning wood back and forth. Once you breath in the unique scent of this sacred wood, you won't be able to help but smile - it is calming, uplifting and nourishing to the soul. You may have to re-lite the wood many times as you are using it - this is normal!

To do a bigger space clearing, tie a couple Palo Santo together before holding over flame. Place in a fire proof dish and close the doors and windows to that space. Allow to burn for about 15 minutes. Once you return to the space, open windows and doors and your space will cleansed and renewed. 

*To enhance the power and magick of Palo Santo visualize your intentions while you surround yourself and fill your space with the sacred smoke. Great for spiritual cleansing and purification, creating a positive and inspirational environment, warding off negative and unwanted energies. 

**Use a fire safe dish to place the Palo Santo wood onto once you are done. You can either allow the wood to go out on its own, or you can stamp it out on the fire safe dish or place in sand.